Exploration era and its impact on the United States

Exploration era and its impact on the United States. The exploration era in the United States began in 1492 from the voyages of Christopher Columbus. This voyages were with the intentions of finding an optional trade route to the East where Europeans had started a lucrative trade in goods like spices and silk. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who discovered the new continent of North America in one of his voyages and the letter about his voyages spread quickly across Europe. Subsequent explorations by other explorers persuaded and confirmed to Europeans the Columbus discovery of a “New World” .

In 1497 an expedition was commissioned Henry VII of England was headed by John Cabot, an Italian navigator and explorer is credited for the discovery of North America. The English at that time being preoccupied by trade within Europe had little interests in exploration. However, in the middle of the 16 century they realized the lucrative trade which existed with the East prompting the English merchants to enlist Martin Frobisher to find a trade route to India Frobisher and John Davis explored along the Atlantic coast between 1576 and 1578.It was after that Queen of Elizabeth granted Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Humphrey Gilbert to colonize New World of North America.

Exploration era

The English took the lead in colonization of North America by 17th Century and established settlements. The English sent a swarm of immigrants into North America. This led to a dramatic rise in population and led to the displacement of the indigenous Indian Communities. They started off settlements where they worked in large farms that grew products like tobacco. The trade in these products intensified and thus the demand for labor went up. This led to the trade for Africa slaves to work in the farms. The trade led to the development of various industries and infrastructure English inventions in the United States. Some of the immigrants had religious motives and thus introduced Christianity into America.

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