Explain why the central tendency of a group is important

Explain why the central tendency of a group is important


Explain in your own words why it is important to know the central tendency of any group that you may like to study (ex: number of days of exercising each week, hours spent on social media each day, etc.). How might the members of this population differ in regard to dispersion and what you would be studying (ex: some people are on social media 8 hours each day)? How would knowing about central tendency and dispersion help you to better understand your population of interest?

What is meant by measures of central tendency and why it is important?

B. Creating a data file is the first step when using SPSS. From chapter 3, use the grades database (pages 55-57) and explain one of the listed variables in relation to central tendency and dispersion (ex: GPA, quiz scores). What do you see in regard to central tendency and dispersion? Just from scanning the numbers you see on this variable, what does this tell you about the students and how they are doing


Why is mean the most important measure of central tendency?


  • In any research, enormous data is collected and, to describe it meaningfully, one needs to summarise the same.
  • The bulkiness of the data  reduced by organizing it into a frequency table or histogram.
  • Frequency distribution organizes the heap of data into a few meaningful categories.
  • Collected data can also be summarised as a single index/value, which represents the entire data.
  • These measures may also help in the comparison of data.


  1. Central tendency is defined as “the statistical measure that identifies a single value as representative of an entire
  2.  provide an accurate description of the entire data.
  3. It is the single value that is most typical/representative of the collected data.
  4. The term “number-crunching” is used to illustrate this aspect of data description.