Explain the way(s) Hiphop songs reflects popular trends in 1920s America

Gentry Family – You Can’t Make a Monkey Out of Me
Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five – Big Butter And Egg Man From The West (1926)
Paul Whiteman ‘My Blue Heaven’ (1927)
Poplin-Woods Tennessee String Band – Are You From Dixie (1928)
The Skillet Lickers – Run Nigger. Run (1927)
Uncle Dave Macon – The Bible’s True (1925)
Vernon Dalhart – Bryan’s Last Fight (1925)
Vernon Dalhart – The John T. Scopes Trial (1925)
Victoria Spivey and Louis Armstrong-How do They Do It That Way (1929)
Note: Several of these songs, as well as their titles, are offensive. They have been provided to you because they are illustrative of American conceptions of race, gender, and religion during the 1920s.

answer the following prompt for each one of your four songs:
Identify the artist and title of the song, the song’s subject. This should be the theme studied in this module, such as race, gender, religious fundamentalism, nativism, anti-modernism, etc.
Explain the way(s) it reflects popular trends in 1920s America. This is the primary objective of the assignment, so be thorough in your analysis and provide specific references to support your argument.
Refer to the information from the Maclean reading as appropriate in your explanation. This is necessary for a perfect score on this assignment.

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