Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’ today world

Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’ today world. The article illustrates the trend that exotic animals become a pet by people. The author is outraged about people who are eager with one of an exotic animal become their pets. This situation becomes worse as a lot of exotic animals die after a few months live under the owner’s care. Despite that, everyone still wants to purchase exotic animals for their own benefits.
First and foremost, the reasons why people keep makes an exotic animal as their pet because there are a lot of exotic animals being promoted on social media. The author found on Facebook and Instagram with countless. Local accounts are selling a various type of wild animals to be adopted as pets. For instance, the animals that get high demand are goshawk eagle, Asian palm civet and dusky leaf monkey.
Moreover, keeping an exotic animal also makes them look cute and cool. The owner keeps on posting their pet on timeline, to show to everyone that they have an exotic animal. For examples, they dressed up their pets with fancy clothes to be adore by their followers.


Exotic Animals as ‘Pets’

The author also highlights that exotic pet cannot live longer without a proper care. One of the netizens said the dusky leaf monkey would live for a few months because of its complex digestive system. This is because they use unsuitable feeding to their pet without any concern.
We agree with the author about having an exotic animal as a pet in their life is totally wrong. If seller keeps making a promotion to persuade others to buy, it can lead to negative impact to the exotic animals. For examples, increase an illegal hunting and extinction of endangered animals. Other than that, if someone want to pet exotic animals, they should follow the law and regulation by taking a license and get some useful advice from Perhilitan as precaution from any danger. Last but not least, we think that the authorities should take a fiercely action to prevent this situation become worse towards irresponsible persons.

To recapitulate, it is undeniable that pet an exotic animal can bring happiness to them. But there is a side effect that they should take concerned. Even though there is a side effect, but people still ignored just to satisfy themselves which are makes them look cool, a variety of exotic animals that sells on social media and low concern about exotic animal’s safety.

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