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PART 1: Your Team and Preliminary Analysis
1) What is the name of your team? This is your brand… make it good! Click this sentence for additional information. 
2) Write a mission statement for your group in this course, one that you all agree on. This link might be helpful. It can relate to the client, but should be about YOUR TEAM  an marketing agency for our client
3) Based on your understanding of our client and your role, write a mission statement for our client’s business or division. This is about the client now, not your team (the previous link should also be helpful here).
4) Briefly describe our client’s marketing problems or issues. Bullet points are okay but make sure they’re clear to someone reading them for the first time. For example, if you think their pricing is an issue, don’t just enter “Price.” Does that mean it’s too high? Too low? Inconsistent? The list goes on. If you perceive more than one, prioritize them. What criteria did you use in prioritizing?
5) How will you measure a successful campaign for our client (from their perspective… not in terms of a grade or points on the project)

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This is the final part of your marketing plan. In this section you will be finalizing your market plan. In 2 -3 pages: Identify four Marketing and Promotion Strategies (i.e.,….

Federal govt: Measuring the Incumbency Advantage

  As an institution, Congress isn’t rated very highly by Americans, yet the incumbency re-election rate is extraordinarily high.  See the following: http://news.gallup.com/poll/1600/congress-public.aspx http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2014/nov/11/facebook-posts/congress-has-11-approval-ratings-96-incumbent-re-e/ For this Unit II paper, I….

Phoenix PHL320 Week 2 Credibility of Statements

Complete BOTH Knowledge checks online, the attached worksheet, and paper assignment.   Part 1 Complete the Vague Statements Worksheet. Part 2 Review job boards, such as, but not limited to,….