Evolution of trypanosomatids and molecular biologists role

Evolution of trypanosomatids and molecular biologists role. What are the most important conceptual contributions that molecular biologists have made regarding the evolution of trypanosomatids (you may choose to write about the entire group, or a genus or a single species) in the past five years? How have those contributions helped us understand the public health importance of these parasites? Include a justification for choosing the topic or topics you chose (ie. Why is your chosen topic important?).

Researchers have isolated/identified specific genes that allow trypanosomatids to bypass the human immune system. In understanding the gene modifications (how they evolved) in trypanosomatids, researchers also isolated/identified genetic modifications in humans that help the human immune system fight off trypanosomatids. (Tolerance to parasites partly stems from DNA mutations in the exposed populations.)It is an “Arms Race” between trypanosomatids and humans. Public Health programs can eradicate tyrpanosomatid diseases with a new understanding of “trypanotolerance” in humans. The World Health Organization’s objective is to eradicate these diseases by 2020.

Evolution of trypanosomatids

This discovery gives researchers the opportunity to study the immune responses in humans which allow the body to control infections caused by trypanosomatids. Understanding the biological mechanisms of trypanotolerance will pave the way for vaccines and therapeutic targets, which do not yet exist.

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