Evidence Based Research and Applied Nursing Research

Evidence Based Research and Applied Nursing Research. The graduate demonstrates knowledge of the process and outcomes of conducting a literature review. The graduate demonstrates understanding of the ethics of nursing research, particularly human subjects’ protections, informed consent, and alignment with patient and family values and preferences. The graduate discriminates between identified standards and practices that do not provide improvements in patient outcomes utilizing relevant sources of evidence and the application of nursing theory.

Evidence Based Research

There are many sources of information available on the web and in journals relating to the nursing discipline. Therefore, it is of pivotal importance to understand the basic tenets of critical appraisal of research for its use in interprofessional healthcare practices. The aim of evidence-based practice (EBP) is to employ a three-pronged approach, blending the best available research evidence, patient values and preferences, and clinical expertise.

In this task, you will critique two primary research evidence sources. You will select one quantitative and one qualitative peer-reviewed journal article on a healthcare topic of interest.

What to cover

Describe how the researcher addresses the following four areas in the selected journal article:

  • background or introduction (e.g., the purpose of the study)
    review of the literature (e.g., research used to support the study)
    data analysis (e.g., how the researcher analyzed the data)
    methodology (e.g., research type and sampling methods)
  • Evaluate whether the evidence presented in each of the four areas of the journal article from part B1 supports the outcome of the study and implications for future research.
  • Explain how the protection of human subjects and cultural considerations were addressed by the researcher, using specific information from the journal article from part B.
  • Identify one strength and one limitation of the study.
  • Describe how the evidence from the article in part B informs current nursing practices.
  • Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

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