EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE PAPER.Each section of the paper is graded individually.  Points given for the section reflect the quality of work for that section only.

Points for each section are totaled for the final grade. 

EXCEEDS OR MEETS STANDARD WITH NO EXCEPTIONS:  The student meeting these criteria must show work that is

beyond the minimum expected for that section.  The student demonstrates mastery of the concept and display knowledge above

the minimal required.  There is absence of flaws or mistakes or only minor flaws exist.  This is “A” work.

MEETS STANDARD WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS: The student adequately describes the minimal required components for the


A broad range of points may be awarded depending on the depth and mastery of the content.  Content may be flawed in some

aspects or unclear.  This is “B” to “C” work.

CRITICAL COMPONENTS ABSENT:  The student has major flaws in the description of the components or one or more

critical components is absent.  Content is unclear and does not demonstrate mastery of the content.

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