Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines

Identify clinical practice guidelines or research that support the medical and nursing plan of care for the patient in the case study. In Module 2, you made a conclusion about actual and potential problems in the case based on the data clusters you created. Now you need to ensure the priority problems are being addressed in the medical plan of care. For example, you could review the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for the treatment of cardiac arrest or SVT, as well as the Joint Commission Core Measures for the treatment of CHF.

-Evaluate medical therapy by providing a rationale for the medical orders
-Identify medical orders you would question as incorrect and give a rationale
-Identify missing orders for which you would need to follow up with the health care provider, and give your rationale as to why

Be sure to address all components of the assignment.
-Organize your paper utilizing the assignment components as headings and subheadings.
-The assignment must contain a title and reference page.
-Analysis of all cases and assignments should be based on evidence-based practice.
-Students are expected to use the course textbook and/or additional resources (books or web-based).

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