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EVENT REPORT WRITING. Our group had recently organized a music event called as, “OH MY TECHNO” which took place in the Student Union Bar at Frenchay Campus on the 21stof November 2018. We had six volunteers for this event and each one of them was given a specific task. Our goal was to invite at least one hundred people for the event and run it until a particular time slot which was provided by the Student Union Bar. The main objective was to organize and learn about the staging and evaluation of the event. For the techno event, we had approached few DJs from the UWE DJ Society, to come and perform for a limited time, out if which, we were able to approach four DJs for that night. All the six volunteers reached two hours prior the starting time of the event for the group discussion and to set up the venue. We had a few terms and conditions with the Student Union Bar since it was a free event for all the students of UWE, as well as from other universities. The two main domains I would like to discuss about the event are, Event Experience and Stakeholder Experience. The basic aim for the techno event was to target all the students from UWE, especially the newcomers, who have recently joined the university. We also had a fund-raising charity drop box for The Rainbow Centre. The target was to raise at least £100 pounds for the charity but eventually, we could only raise upto £56.50 pounds. We had also invited people by creating groups on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. All the creatives for this specific event was done by our volunteers with a good pace. Our target was to invite a minimum of 100 people whereas, 146 people were present on the event day. The venue can totally change the audience’s impression of the event. It can test the gathering of people in various ways that technology can’t accomplish presently. The theme for our event was very essential. It was an all-night free entry event for all our attendees since we weren’t allowed to organize a paid event. The SU Bar management team was available all the time during the course of the event which included all the services. A technician was hired by us to set the DJ booth and manage the lightings as well as the sound. Our event started at 9PM with some nice set of techno music, which attracted a lot of people at the start. Eventually, it ended at 12AM instead of 1AM. As far as the promotion was concerned, we lacked time for not promoting our event correctly. 


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