How do you evaluate a health education plan?

How do you evaluate a health education plan?


write a detailed evaluation plan to examine the health promotion plan you have created throughout this course. Include long and short term objectives, economics, and nursing outcomes. Support your recommendations and plan with scholarly resources. Review your health promotion paper and add evaluation into areas as appropriate. Examples of Strategies for Evaluation:
• Participant feedback
• Pre-test/post-test
• Incidence/prevalence rates
• Case studies
• Surveys

Determines who needs the communication program/intervention,
how great the need is, and what can be done to best meet the
need. Involves audience research and informs audience
segmentation and marketing mix (4 P’s) strategies.

What is an evaluation plan in healthcare?

Measures effort and the direct outputs of programs/interventions –
what and how much was accomplished (i.e., exposure, reach,
knowledge, attitudes, etc.). Examines the process of
implementing the communication program/intervention and
determines whether it is operating as planned. It can be done
continuously or as a one-time assessment. Results are used to
improve the program/intervention.

What is process evaluation in health promotion

Outcome Evaluation Measures effect and changes that result from the campaign.
Investigates to what extent the communication program/intervention
/intervention is achieving its outcomes in the target
populations. These outcomes are the short-term and medium-term
changes in program participants that result directly from the
program such as new knowledge and awareness, attitude change,
beliefs, social norms, and behavior change, etc. Also measures
policy changes.
Impact Evaluation Measures community-level change or longer-term results (i.e.,
changes in disease risk status, morbidity, and mortality) that have
occurred as a result of the communication program/intervention.
These impacts are the net effects, typically on the entire school,
community, organization, society, or environment.

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