Evaluation of strategic choices

Evaluation of strategic choices

Evaluation of strategic choices is important. The methods for selecting strategic alternatives help leaders organize significant issues to support decision-making. However, it is important that the techniques do not make the decision. Rather, leaders should use the techniques to reveal the inherent situation and to organize their thought processes. This assessment allows you to evaluate and apply some of the techniques for successful strategy development and implementation.


Structure your plan based on whether you are taking an appreciative inquiry approach or using a specific strategic planning model. Regardless of your approach, the plan’s requester has asked that you address the key points outlined below in the strategic plan requirements. In addition, your plan should be three pages in length.

Consider the strategic planning models you are familiar with:

  • Which model would you choose to create goals and outcomes that could address the area of concern you identified in your Assessment 1 SWOT analysis?
  • Why is this model the best choice among alternatives?
  • How does goal setting through appreciative inquiry provocative propositions differ from goal setting in the strategic planning model you selected?

Strategic Plan

  • Develop strategic goals and outcomes that reflect the specific quality and safety improvements for your care setting. You should have at least one short-term goal (just-in-time to one year) and one long-term goal (five years or longer).
    • Determine realistic timelines for achieving your goals.
    • Explain how your short-term goals support your long-term goals.


How health care theories help achieve  proposed strategic goals and outcomes


For plans based on an AI approach, the goal statements and outcomes are provocative propositions that may be refinements of the positive yet attainable goals you proposed during your inquiry’s dream phase. For plans based on SWOT analysis, the goal statements and outcomes are specific, measurable, and applicable to the area of concern in your analysis for which you proposed pursuing improvements.

  • Justify the relevance of your proposed strategic goals and outcomes with the mission, vision, and values of your care setting.
  • Analyze the extent to which your strategic goals and outcomes, and your approach to achieving them, address:
    • The ethical environment.
    • The cultural environment.
    • The use of technology.
    • Applicable health care policies, laws, and regulations.
  • Explain, in general, how you will use relevant leadership and health care theories to help achieve your proposed strategic goals and outcomes.
    • Consider whether different theories are more applicable to your strategic plan’s short-term or long-term goals.
  • Evaluate the leadership qualities and skills most important to successfully implementing your proposed plan and sustaining strategic direction.
    • Identify those leadership qualities and skills essential to achieving your goals and outcomes and sustaining strategic direction.
    • Identify those leadership qualities and skills that will have the greatest effect on the success of your plan.


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