Real the articles:
1)      Does Chicago Rivet & Machine Co’s (CVR) PE Ratio Signal A Buying Opportunity?
Kelly Murphy
Simply Wall St. October 5, 2017
2)      Is Cynergistek Inc’s (CTEK) PE Ratio A Signal To Buy For Investors?
Mary Ramos
Simply Wall St. October 5, 2017
3)      Does Katana Capital Limited’s (ASX:KAT) PE Ratio Signal A Selling Opportunity?
Kyle Sanford
Simply Wall St. October 5, 2017
You can use the company assigned for you for the project.
Your assignment:
Please also note that your answers should be written in your own words. Don’t use quotes from the articles. 
You are expected to make your own contribution in a main topic as well as respond with value added comments to at least two of your classmates as well as to your instructor.
For this question we will be using P/E ratio.
To find a company’s P/E ratio, use www.morningstar.com , enter the desired stock symbol and request a basic quote.  Once you have the basic quote, the P/E ratio is listed on a front page.

Compare the P/E ratio of your company with the industry average or with major competitors. Is there a difference between these numbers? Is the stock overvalued, undervalued, or properly valued? Why?  In accordance with your findings, is it reasonable to buy the stock? Please explain your answers.

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