How do you evaluate feasibility of an innovation?

How do you evaluate the feasibility of an innovation?


assess the real-world organizational factors that can contribute to an organization’s ability to predictably innovate;
identify the external situations that foster the emergence of an innovative organization;
identify generalized hypotheses as to factors that lead to an organization being deemed innovative; and
apply the principles that enhance innovation to their own organizations where students are able.
This assignment is to look at an innovative organization, or part of an organization, that you, personally, find interesting and perhaps inspiring.

Select a local organization or a part of an organization- a business, public-sector organization, or a non-profit organization – that you feel demonstrates sustained innovation. Preferably it should be one that you personally know and are well-familiar with.

How do you evaluate an organization?

Find information about the organization – you may wish to interview employees, or do some primary-source research about the organization (e.g., through company reports). It is okay to focus on only one innovative aspect of an organization which, in other respects, is not innovative.
Describe what identifies that organization or part of that organization as innovative in your estimation.
Write a formal paper describing what in your estimation contributed to that organization being innovative. Identify underlying concepts, techniques, and processes that sets this innovative organization apart from other similar organizations.
Hypothesize generalizations as to the reasons why this organization is innovative, based on both the innovative blocks they avoid, and the organizational attributes they demonstrate.