Evaluation of a research article and the results

Evaluation of a research article

1. Does the title describe the study with key words that serve as key elements of the article?

2. Does the abstract summarize the study’s purpose, methods, and findings?

3. Does the introduction clearly identify the research problem, justify its significance, and logically develop hypotheses and research questions?

4. Does the method section cover the description of samples, calibration of instruments relative to their validity and reliability, data collection, and procedures to be used in the study in sufficient detail so that the study may be replicated?

5. Does the results section justify data coding and analysis in light of the study’s design and hypothesis?

6. Does the results section connect salient results directly to hypothesis?

7. Does the discussion section describe the limitations and findings in terms of the research problem, conceptual framework and hypothesis?

8. Are the conclusions justified by the results, and their implications for the research and practitioners described?

9. Does the reference section cite work reflecting the breadth of existing literature regarding the topic of study?

10. Is the article well written and organized?

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