Evaluation Argument

Evaluation Argument. You will construct a persuasive argument that something is successful/problematic or beneficial/harmful. Looking to the future, this project is an exercise that will make you better at evaluating the benefits or drawbacks of particular projects, products, clients, etc., and many of you will need to give written or verbal evaluation of colleagues’ performance or employees you supervise. Evaluations are essential parts of any workplace.Reminder: Argument = Claim + Reasons + EvidenceIn an evaluation argument essay, your task is to choose a subject, choose criteria to evaluate it, make a judgment about it, and present reasons and evidence to support your judgment. In this essay, you’ll argue that something is a problem. Yo u w i l l claim that something, such as a ▪program▪service▪system or institution▪federal, state, or local law or policy▪approach to solving a problem or helping others▪or something else!IS▪ineffective▪unjust▪harmful▪a failure▪inadequate ▪or another judgment about the topic!This subject must be related in some way to the topic from your narrative argument (Essay #1).You will present reasons why the subject does not meet your criteria stated in your claim. You will present evidence (facts, statistics, expert opinion, examples, and perhaps also personal experience) to support your claim. Most of your evidence should come from sources you find through research. An effective argument also presents one or more opposing views and refutes the opposing views.

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