Evaluating and Selecting Projects

Assignment: Evaluating and Selecting Projects
In the PMC Corporation Case Study, the South Latin America (SLA) region has identified several goals, and the sales group has identified candidate projects that will meet some or all of these goals. Each of the projects has the potential to contribute to the goals, but they each present potential problems and risks. Your job is to evaluate and prioritize the candidate projects and make a recommendation about which projects should be chosen. 
For This Assignment read Parts 1 and 2 of the PMC Corporation Case Study. Review the data on prospective projects in the PMC SLA Prospective Project Register.

Evaluate each of the prospective projects in the PMC SLA Prospective Project Register.
Prioritize the prospective projects from the greatest to the lowest contribution potential for meeting strategic goals based on your evaluation.
Record your evaluation results and priorities in the PMC SLA Prospective Project Evaluation Form. 
Prepare a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses these items:    

Describe the method you used to evaluate the prospective projects.
Describe the method you used to prioritize the prospective projects.
Recommend the top 10 projects that should be pursued, supporting your recommendation with data from the evaluation and prioritization process.
Embed the completed PMC SLA Prospective Project Evaluation Form in your paper.

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