Ethical leadership in politics

Over the years, the issue of funding the NJ pension budget has been a major discussion point as well as a vehicle to balance the budget.
When did this issue first arise?
What have been the actions of the various governors on this issue?
What is your position on the current action by the Governor and the Court of Appeals about the ability to curtail funding and yet the mandate that cost of living raises must be provided?
Are there ethical issues involved in thisse actions?  What are they?  How are the retirees being impacted?  How are the citizens of NJ being impacted?
If you were the present Govenor, what would you do?
Remember, this is not about Republican, Democrat or Independents, but if you view NJ as a business with a leader and the need for a tone at the top of the organization, then there  is a need for ethical leadership.  How that ethical leadership been apparent over the past few leaders of NJ?  Is it okay to run for office on one position and change that position in midterm? 
This should be a detailed and supported posting of at least five hundred words as it is the only discussion question for this week.

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