Ethical issues in research papers and implications

Ethical issues in research papers and implications.Is your study ethical?  Do not design a study that would compromise your own safety or the safety of others in any way (e.g., collecting data in an unsafe location or at an unsafe time of day). 

Ethical issues in research: Experiment Design

I suggest first considering an area of psychology that interests you. Then read some articles in that area. You can track down articles by using the library link from the ucumberlands page. I encourage you to search PsyArticles and PsycInfo. As you read, pay particular attention to unanswered questions and limitations of previous research (see the Discussion section) on the topic. Doing so could provide good leads for your proposed research.

After deciding on a topic, begin the Introduction with a thesis statement. This statement will be a sentence or short paragraph that introduces the variables or concepts of interest and provides the rationale for the proposed study. A thesis statement could look something like this:

The present study investigates further factors involved in the fear of rodents. A variety of mental health professionals have noted the demand for improved treatments for patients suffering from this phobia. However, relatively little attention has been directed toward identifying variables relevant to the prevention of the phobia.  The present study will extend this line of research.


After developing your thesis statement overview prior studies related to the topic. A minimum of 5 scholarly articles will need to be reviewed and presented. Then, in the last paragraph of the introduction, overview your proposed study and end with a hypothesis statement linked to previous research on the topic.  Here is an example: Based on previous research, it is evident that rodent phobia exists. However, little is known regarding which techniques are effective in preventing the development of the phobia. Smith and Jones (2015) have proposed that biofeedback may be an effective strategy, but the technique has not been tested.

Therefore, the present study will investigate the effectiveness of a biofeedback intervention. It is hypothesized that a randomly selected group of individuals taught to use biofeedback will exhibit less fear of rodents than a

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