Ethical case in business in today’s world

Ethical case in business in today’s world. The Ethics Case Assignment will require you as an individual to analyze a case involving business and
ethical issues.  You will be required to identify the ethical issues and to thoroughly defend your
position.   You will receive a writing-prompt and rubric from the UNF Writing Center that addresses the
case.  This assignment requires an in-depth understanding of the case; further it requires you to develop
a coherent, logical response to the prompt that demonstrates both your writing skill and your ability to
convey critical thought.  Any assumptions you make about the case should be thoroughly identified.  The
prompt and rubric will be available by the end of the first week of class.   The UNF Writing Center will
grade this assignment.  If the past is any indication, the Writing Center tends to be very critical in their
assessments.  I will review their assessment of your effort, however, I almost always agree with them.

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