Essentials to social work

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper in which you analyze a family that is familiar to you. Support your analysis by using the Kirst-Ashman and Hull text and at least 2 to 3 additional peer-reviewed articles to do the following:
· Describe the structure of a family that is familiar to you. 
· Identify the strengths in the family.
· Explain where in the life cycle this family is located and how that may influence family dynamics.
· Analyze one form of communication used by this family and how this communication style influences family dynamics.
· Describe the specific roles of two family members and explain if the various roles work well together for the benefit of this family.
· Explain how understanding cultural values will help a social worker working with this family.
· Analyze this family using systems theory or the ecological perspective.
Support your paper with references to Kirst-Ashman and Hull, in addition to other resources used to complete this assignment. Paper should include appropriate APA citations and a reference list. You are expected to demonstrate your understanding and ability to apply concepts from the course by paraphrasing resources and providing specific examples of how a concept is evident in the family system you identified for this paper.
The family I selected for this assignment is the Alston family. The Family consist of Claude Alston (Husband) 45, Marylou Alston (Wife) 46, Colette Alston (Daughter) 23, Claude Alston Jr. (Son) 17, and Rhonda Alston and Wanda Alston (Twin daughters) 15. The family currently resides in Washington, DC in the ward 8 community. The Alston family identify themselves as African Americans who practice Christianity. 
As a future clinician I understand that using strength-based perspective is what differentiate social workers from other social science disciplines.  After carefully assessing the family, some of the strengths that I was able to identify as a family unit are spending quality time with each other, having faith, the ability to cope and handle crisis,  being supportive to each other, having musical talent to sing and play instruments. This family presented a well round of family strength perspective. It is important for a social worker to acknowledge that all families have strengths, challenges and areas of potential growth. However, if one looks only for problems in a family, one will see only problems. If one also looks for strengths, one will find strengths (Cardwell, PSYD/ family jrank,n.d).
The family life cycle consists of a series of stages such as independence, coupling, parenting (infants through adolescents), launching adult children, and retirement/ senior years (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2018, p. 360. The Alston family is currently in the parenting stage of adolescents. This stage consists of the parents devoting much of their time, energy and resources to nurture and support the growth of their children. The  The children in high school 
Analyze one form of communication used by this family and how this communication style influences family dynamics.
The Alston family One form of communication that used by the Alston family is 
Cardwell, PSYD/family jrank, J. (n.d.). Family strengths perspective.
Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2018). Understanding generalist practice (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.