Assignment consists of 4 essay questions. Must be in APA format and include citations.

1. In today’s competitive business environment, it is not uncommon for a company to outsource logistics functions. 
1)   Breakdown the economic impacts of this decision (positive and negative). 
2)   Assess the benefits and risks from two perspectives (i.e. organization & employees).
3)   Justify the increase in the outsourcing of the logistics function.

2. Evaluate how security requirements for transportation and logistics since 9/11 may be affecting operational activity for US air cargo carriers (not passenger carriers), trucking industry and rail operations based within US borders and crossing into Canada and Mexico. Identify and prioritize at least three security requirements. Provide rationale (theory or framework) for the prioritization of security requirements. 

3. By the early 1980’s, only airline security remained under the control of the federal government.  Although airline deregulation happened over 30 years ago, the ongoing effects are still being felt today.
1)    Compare the arguments from advocates and proponents of airline deregulation.  Include a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages as well as the costs (indirect/direct) associated with deregulation.
2)    Hypothesize the potential future effects on this mode under the current deregulated system.  Include a discussion of the impact on the industry and people involved (stakeholders).
3)    Theorize the health of this industry in absence of deregulation. Include a discussion of the impact on the industry and people involved (stakeholders).

4. It has been suggested that advancements in technology have led to the need for a new paradigm for transportation.  In consideration of our existing transportation and logistics infrastructure:
1)    Evaluate the current transportation system and the effect on transportation modes and infrastructure requirements
2)    Create a plan for a new infrastructure in light of recent advances in technology
3)    Summarize your plan as a viable solution for transportation sustainability.