Essay Summary of Of mice and men

When you lose the person you relied on, if the person gives you material support, you will lose the ability to survive; if the person gives you confidence, love, and hope that makes you have the courage to walk through the difficult life, but he has been taken away so easily, you will be fallen to the marsh of despair and loneliness, and never get a day to see light again. People are not trust other people. Both Leonie and George are one of them. Leonie was like child. He likes to touch soft things around him but always brings harassment o them, he was so easy to get afraid and bathed his face in tears.
He was just a child, but god gave him the strength that he cannot control, gave him duty that a child cannot handled. Everything around Leonie was so difficult, he cannot understood why he and George need to go around the whole country to find a job, he cannot understood why George was always get mad on him but never say that he going to leave him. Leonie cannot be independent, so he chose to rely on George, or actually, he must rely on George to survive in the dark age they live, the age of high-unemployment and starvation.
Maybe he mentioned that he was relying on George too much and really felt sorry about it, maybe he just sat there and receive all of the help that George gave him and felt nothing. He doesn’t really understand what the thing he should do is and what’s not. But George does not care, he just spend his love, money, and time on Leonie selfless, because he knows, that they cannot live without each other. Many people think that Leonie relies on George too much, theft the reason lead him to death. Its right, but I think that actually,

George will have a more painful life without Leonie than Lien’s life without George. The relationship between them is like a mouse and a man, mouse cannot get food without the man, and man will feed the mouse and get happiness from it. Mouse without the man will died on the street, the man without the mouse owns nothing except loneliness. Leonie and George are not just relying on each other, they also rely on a dream they have. “Someday—-we’re going to get the jack together and we’re going to have a little house and a couple of acres an’ a cow and some pigs and—“.
An’ live off the fat the Ian, an’ have rabbits”. It is just simple dream about life, a better life that can let them get reed of the instability and vagrancy life. The dream Leonie and George had that has a premise. “Because I got you to look after me, and me to get look after you, and that’s why. ” They relied on each other, and lived in this model for a long time. Back to the day that aunt asked Clara George to take care of Leonie in the life after, what’s the feeling of George? They were just normal friends, they live in a easy life, but now he has to face a huge trouble.
It becomes George’s responsibility, it’s too heavy for him, but it was the destiny that he must accept. Leonie doesn’t make George fell will at first, he likes to touch everything that was soft around him, it caused a lot of mice’s dead body, but through the time, George found out, that in his heart, it is quiet warm to take care of someone. The friendship between Leonie and George becomes more indestructible in front of the trouble, only death can separate them, they are the closest people in the world in their mind. We all know that George was a lonely kid, too.
Maybe in his mind, although he doesn’t admit, he also relied on Leonie too, because its the only friend it left now. A long time of relying will becomes a precious love. I rely on my parents, because I need people to nurture me when I cannot earn my life myself, We stay together for a long time, because we formed love, the love between family members. I rely on my friends, because I need more people to play with me, to talk with me, to help me when I cannot solve problems by myself, of course I will do the same thing to them. We helped each other, sharing the ideas, it becomes friendship.
Many people said that relying on other people means that you have lose your freedom, in my opinion it’s Leonie of right. When the people you rely on betrayed you, what will you feel? Very hurt right? When you want to help your friends, but you found out that you don’t have the ability to do that, you cannot carry out your responsibility, what will you feel? Relying on other people will bring a lot of hurt, like Leonie. “You never give a thought to George, he been doing nice things for you all time. When he got a piece of pie, you always get half or more in half.
An’ if there was any ketchup, why he’d give it all to you. ” It is the word that Aunt Clara in Lien’s imagination told to him. Leonie always receive too much from George, he knows that, but he has nothing to do with, because he always makes things getting worse. He can only cried to his imagination, tried to lie to himself that he tried to help George but not just relied on him. Leonie will die. When the first time read this book, I have mentioned that. Without George, he may died by starvation. He always gets into trouble, more and more, bigger and bigger.
Every time, George saved him. In Lien’s mind, George is like God. He can save my life, he can talk with me, he promised to buy a rabbit for me, it is the thought in Lien’s mind. That’s the reason that Leonie said: “l never forget the things you told me, George. ” At last, George used gun, shot Lien’s head and end his life. In my mind, Leonie was died in happiness; he died in a soft dream, not danger or fear. If Curler doesn’t trust George and came up himself to shot Leonie, it will be different. But cannot imagine the life that George has after that.

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