Essay Summary of A Beautiful Mind

I enjoyed many things from the film A Beautiful Mind including the cast, the interpretations of being schizophrenic, and also the small amount of romance between John and Alicia. Think that the cast was very well picked, Russell Crower did an outstanding job portraying a man with schizophrenia. I could tell that Crower was eve comfortable with this role, considering how well he portrayed John Nash. When I think about John Nash and his awkward, yet sophisticated, rationality Russell Crower really does justice to John Nash.
Also, the cast for the other students, John’s peers, were well picked out also. All of the other students were intelligent and also a little cocky which makes sense as to why they don’t accept John. I also enjoyed the interpretations of being schizophrenic. It is very interesting going into the mind of John Nash and seeing the people that only he sees, and hearing the voices that only he hears. Lastly enjoyed how the film had a little spark of romance between John and Alicia, but that the entire film wasn’t about the romance, and love.
The film was more about John and his brilliance than his love life. My only dislike for this film is that it was slowly moving. L, personally, enjoy movies that can invest myself in and really feel the characters. I could not relate to any of the characters considering they are all brilliant. Johns Anna’s second grade teacher tells Nash that he had been given two helpings of brain but only one helping of heart, I think that she means that he would stop putting math and science before how he is really feeling and that he should try to make friends and be more in-touch with others.

As said before I really enjoyed Russell Crow’s portrayal of schizophrenia. I thought that it was very believable, from what I have seen, and was interesting whenever he would have schizophrenic fits around other students. The scariest part of schizophrenia for me is seeing things that others cannot. People with schizophrenia do not know if what they’re seeing is real or fake, and that is scary.

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