Essay research

It is time to look at ourselves as consumers. Think about something that you or your family consume regularly.  This could be food or drink, i.e., bottled water, coffee, fast food, beef, etc.
Or, think about products you buy–shoes, clothing, cosmetics, household stuff, etc.  We are thinking about our everyday consumption, the stuff we buy, use or don’t use, throw out, and take for granted.
Research this item or product.  
What is the carbon footprint of this stuff?
Where and how is it made, grown, harvested, assembled, etc.?
By whom?  What are the working/living conditions of the human beings who make your stuff?
Really investigate.
Once you have gathered all of this information, write a page or so–a mini essay of 250 words–on the environmental and human impact of the stuff you took for granted.  Use the data, statistics, and sources to support your conclusion.
Conclude your piece with a discussion of the ethical implications or concerns surrounding this stuff. Use ecological and/or ethical principles to back your ideas up.
Before you post, make sure to read it slowly out loud and edit and revise as needed so that what you turn in is truly your best work.

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