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Musical Statues
We organised each session in groups but delivered it in singles. For our skilled base activity we had the group working in pairs and three’s Set clear boundaries around the hall to restrict collisions with other groups The teaching methods we used for our session were as follows- Command Problem solving Practise Inclusion Learner Initiated Guided Discovery . We were aiming for the learners to practise these techniques through are specific teaching methods. While we used command and practise to get the lesson objective across we also used learner initiative and guided discovery to enhance there learning potential We made sure safety was insured by having group members monitor the edge of our area.
For those learners which found the task to hard we had individual teachers give points to each personal learner We asked for feedback from each learner to ensure they understood what they where being taught We had the children demonstrate the thing they learnt most from the session Identify the LO which you will be best able to assess in each section of the lesson along with the type of strategy you will mainly use to collect evidence of achievement eg: Question and Answer Observation Pupil response Pupil planning Pupil evaluation Video/IT evidence When identifying activities, progressions and differentiation consider: ? This week we move our day along to what we do after the school bell has finished, for example going to the park,walking the dog ?

With the help of the group we would be coming up with ideas of what we would do, then put actions to these ideas in a sequence to music ? We will be doing this by having the group working in pairs and groups of three and also as one big group ? We also did a recap of the previous two sessions to remind the year 4 kids of what we have done ? With the year 3 children we will be getting them use to the concept of my day by starting with the morning and taking it from there To reduce the energy levels of the children we played a few games to get the learners to cool down and bring a end to the lesson. We did this by playing a game called rollercoaster where u pretend to be on a rollercoaster

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