Essay 3

Write 4 pages WITHOUT cover page and reference page, double-spaced essay with 1-inch margins that engages with Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno Pages 1511-1568. Specifically, I would like you to do the following: 1) Explain the story’s themes as they reflect resistance, slavery, antislavery, education, sins and religion. and 2) Use two of the following texts:
1- William Wells Brown, The Narrative of the Life and Escape of William Wells Brown Pages: 933-937
2- Edgar Allen Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher Pages: 629-642
as a brief basis of comparison, answering the question, “How does our knowledge of slavery enhance our understanding of Benito Cereno?” 
THE BOOK is which is going to be used is: The Norton Anthology American Literature 9th Edition 1820-1865
You should do the following:
· Introduce the themes they’re discussing in a clear manner
· Provide a valid and relevant comparison with another text
· AVOID too much summary; assume that your audience has knowledge of the text in question, and instead FOCUS on ANALYZING the scene 
· CITE specific descriptions and lines of dialogue from the text 

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