College 101 summer 2018
sustainable place essay
due Tuesday August 13th, worth 40 points
An expository report on a specific place where environmental activism, sustainability, conservation, or preservation is a critical part of the identity. This place could be human-made, human-inhabited, or merely human-supported. It could be anywhere on the planet. The choice is yours. Through research, you will discover this place and then gather meaningful information about it, compile that information into your own report, and offer your own response to why this place exists or matters, how this place enhances your local or global society.
To see your campus community – where environmental consciousness and conscientiousness is a critical part of its identity – from the point of view of another place. To learn where Cascadia may have derived some of its ideas, or what other places it has potentially inspired. To use guided research to expand your awareness of a given topic, and, in turn, to use your interest in the topic to develop information literacy tools and skills that will serve you throughout college.
Everyone who resides on this planet, including those outside our class; anyone who might make a personal, social, spiritual, physical, or political connection with your topic; and especially those whose experiences and perspectives might be different than your own.
This essay should be about 1000 words. It can contain as many paragraphs as it needs, and it can use “I”. It must include MLA formatted citations for at least two texts: at least one that is NOT a reference text, and at least one that IS found through our library catalogues. 

Learn Actively: Use research and writing as a tool to generate ideas about our relationships with the natural world and share experiences and insights. Follow assignment schedules and seek feedback.
Think critically, creatively, and reflectively: Increase familiarity with our university library system. Understand and appreciate information literacy tools and rhetorical strategies.
Communicate with clarity and originality: Express ideas using personal viewpoint and appropriate academic conventions, including MLA citation format for in-text citations and works cited page.
Interact in diverse and complex environments: Discover and negotiate other points of view in order to increase knowledge of other experiences with nature; consider multiple sources to determine a place’s impact on our way of looking at the world.

I would like to do Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

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