Not good at writing, can someone help. Here is the assignment. Suppose to be a personal essay but make it up.

1. Choose the media genre to share your writing. for this assignment you may select one of the following:
· A humorous monologue/essay (500 to 750-word essay.).
· An emotional personal narrative (Submit it as a 500 to 750-word essay.).
· A series of poems (The poems must be first person, tied together thematically, and expressing real experiences. Review the poetry unit to avoid writing poems devoid of imagery and substance.).
· A letter (Choose someone to address the letter to, your birth mother, the grandmother you never met, your future self, your future children. 500 to 700 words).
· A journal (At least five 100-word entries. Avoid the temptation to chronicle your daily life unless your daily life is wildly unique and exciting. You must have a focus.).

2. Decide upon a focus, central idea, theme, message, or unifying concept that tells readers about you. Some suggestions for focus:`
· Being a fire fighter
· Life on the farm

3. Determine your message – write it down. What part of your experience do you want to give to your readers, and why do you think it is important. For example:
· I want to tell kids about having goals. My whole life changed when I realized that I wanted to be a fire fighter. Now, I know that I will do something important and it gives me something I want others to have too.
· I want to express the feelings of growing up without my father. I think lots of people have this situation and they can relate to the feelings.

4. Choose a central image [a symbol or motif that brings your audience along]:
· Choose an object or image to use as a motif (a repeated image or symbol in a text). The image should be symbolic or representative of your message in some way (a suitcase, an empty chair, a broken mirror).

5. Choose one or more specific events from your life to relate. Think story-beginning-middle-end.  Some examples are:
· The time you ran away.
· The first meal you cooked for your family.
· Winning a tough competition.