Before you begin writing your analysis essay, please read the following articles:
For additional information, here are some links that you may want to review:

Elements of analysis
Organizing your analysis
Sample rhetorical analysis

For the analysis you will need to select ONE essay from the textbook (or the list of posted readings found in the course) for this assignment.
Length:  900 words (minimum)
Source:  One argumentative essay from the textbook.  No other sources may be used – this is a limited analysis. Papers that use other sources will receive a zero.  Both in-text citations and a works cited page will be needed.  The works cited page will only list the literary work that you analyzed in your essay.  Please use current 8th edition MLA format when documenting your source.  Refer to for information on how to cite your source. 
Format: Double spaced.  Use MLA style documentation for both in-text citations and the works cited entry.  The paper needs to be written in third person.  Use present verb tense. Use short direct quotes to support your ideas. No more than 10% of the paper may be direct quotes. Select quotes carefully as they should be used to support your ideas rather than pad your paper. 
For this essay you will analyze/examine whether the author is presenting an effective argument. 
Some things to consider:

What is the main point that the author is presenting?
Does the thesis clearly indicate the main point?
How has the author supported the main point?
What types of sources or references does the author use?  Are these sources considered reliable? 
What evidence is there in the literary work that you see as compelling?
Is the author convincing?  Why or why not?
Does the author present biased information?

In your essay you will need to clearly identify the title of the literary work and author in the introduction of your analysis.  Your introduction also needs to have a hook that captures the reader’s attention. The introduction will also identify the title of the literary work and give the full name of the author.  The paper needs to have a clear thesis to indicate the focus of your analysis.  
You will need to include at least one short direct quote per body paragraph – this helps to establish a strong connection between your ideas and the work itself. Strong transitions are also important as they help to move the reader from one point to the next. 
Before you start the essay take notes over what you have read.  Highlight and annotated the literary work.  In an analysis when you highlight and annotate it is the same as gathering information from sources when writing a research paper. You may consider your ideas valid as long as you can support those ideas with evidence from the literary work. 
Learning Objectives:

Analyze, interpret, and evaluate a variety of texts for the ethical and logical uses of evidence.
Write in a style that clearly communicates meaning, builds credibility, and inspires belief or action.
Apply the conventions of style manuals for specific academic disciplines (e. g., APA, CMS, MLA, etc.

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