Mini-Research: How will the COVID-19 shutdown impact the future of organizational behavior?
Due on/before 11:59pm on Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Waive your magic wand and SHAZAM! You are now the brand new vice president/manager/supervisor (whatever works for you) for the XYZ Company, Inc. This assignment will require some of you to stretch your creativity and vision for the future – Thank goodness it’s called a Mini-Research project!
Remember, Google is your friend – Do the research to determine (best you can) what organizational changes likely occur as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown. Keep in mind, your paper will essentially document your opinion based on your research – No right or wrong answers here. I’m looking for how well you can follow directions, well thought out ideas, and a good paper. Remember to include the why and how for your ideas i.e., why is this a problem? how will this impact the organization?
You do the research – You draw the conclusions – Your ideas!
Based on your research:

Part I: Discuss (in detail) the top five (5) organizational changes caused/created by COVID – 20 points
Part II: Discuss (in detail) the top five (5) changes you will need to make as a future manager/supervisor to deal with managing your post-COVID organization  – 20 points
Part III: Include a separate and properly formatted reference page – 10 points

Please upload your properly formatted paper to Bb – do not copy/paste your text
Use bullet points with complete paragraphs for each small business issue
Paragraphs = three to five complete sentences 
Use fewer than three (3) sources for your research

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