A social media policy is a corporate code of conduct with formalized guidelines for employees who post content onto social media in either an employment or personal capacity.
Review the social media policy of one of the following organizations:
Al Jazeera America
Apple One
(If the link provided does not work, use Google to locate the policy)
1.  In a 2-3- page double-spaced essay, discuss the social media policy of the organization that you select
Make sure that your essay has the following:
·  a short, attractive, information title
·  an introductory paragraph that gives any necessary background information and that ends with a clearly stated thesis
·  body paragraphs that begin with clear topic sentences
·  body paragraphs that include specific examples/details from the policy to support/back/illustrate the point you are trying to make
·  content/body paragraphs that explain
o  how the policy is organized
o  whether or not the policy includes a persuasive explanation of why the policy is necessary
o  whether or not the policy is clear
o  whether or not the policy is specific
o  whether or not the policy is comprehensive
·  a concluding paragraph that explains how you would feel if you were required to abide by this policy
·  sentences that are clear, concise, and complete
·  punctuation, grammar, and mechanics that are correct

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