Essay 1: Narrative & Descriptive

Essay 1: Narrative & Descriptive.

These are the information how to write the essay.
i upload the example essay for narrative essay other student wrote. 
These is from professor instructor:
We have looked at arguments presented through personal narrative and description that present journeys, turning points, struggles, revelations, understandings, etc. For this short essay (25pts) essay, you are to write an essay in the form of a personal narrative or description. The topic is your choice, but you might think of looking at a journey, turning point, struggle, revelation, understanding, etc. Regardless of the form you choose or what you choose to write about, your essay must present some kind of argument (as we’ve seen n our readings). 

This essay should be approximately 2 pages, double-spaced pages (yes, this is a short essay). Since this should be written in the form of a personal narrative or a description, it should not have to follow a “traditional” essay structure. Be creative and have fun. Click here for student “Examples of Narrative and Descriptive Essays.”Preview the document

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