Enzyme Lab

Purpose and Background
The purpose of this lab is to explain how enzymes act as catalysts for biological reactions in different temperatures. This lab relates to enzymes, proteins, and substrates; that we learned in class. The union of the enzyme and the substrate is called the enzyme-substrate complex. The make-up of an enzyme is proteins and made up of chains and amino acids.
Enzymes are considered to be organic catalysts, they speed up chemical reactions that might otherwise take too long to occur and be of use in the body. They also allow reactions to occur in regions of the body that are unfavorable because of the level of pH or the lack of heat. Hypothesis

A reused and ground enzyme will have the greatest reactions compared to the other types of enzymes. Materials
1. Avocado
2.Petri Dish
3.Hydrogen Peroxide
5.Vinegar Substrate
1.Place a small piece of cooked avocado/avocado/soaked avocado in a Petri dish. 2.Place 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide/vinegar substrate on the avocado 3.Observe for enzyme activity by looking for bubbles
4.Rate the amount of oxygen bubbles produced on a scale of 1-5 5.Record your data in the chart
After placing 10 drops of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar substrate in the different forms of avocado, the results were interesting. The ground and reused enzyme had the most evident reactions. It also shows me that enzymes can be reused, because of the reaction rating. Enzymes can be affected by temperatures because the regular enzyme reaction is low. Also enzymes aren’t affected by pH because it had a low reaction. Enzymes are specific because different types of enzymes work for different substrates.
My hypothesis was supported and proved in the lab. I predicted that the ground and reused enzyme would have the greatest reaction rating, and they did. Evidence that occurred in the lab would be the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar substrate dropped onto the different forms of enzymes. I don’t think any improvements can be made, the lab was straight forward and proved what needed to be known

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