Environmental Influences on Offender trends and patterns

Environmental Influences on Offender trends and patterns. Can physical features of the environment prevent crime or reduce problems thought to be crime related, such as fear of crime or residents’ concerns about neighborhood viability? Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) focuses on the settings in which crimes occur and on techniques for reducing vulnerability in these settings.

This report discusses assumptions surrounding work in this area and the major studies that link neighborhood and street block physical features with crime, fear of crime, and other related outcomes. Four major sets of physical features are emphasized in the research literature: housing design or block layout, land use and circulation patterns, resident-generated territorial features, and physical deterioration.

Environmental Influences on Offender: Environment and Crime

Physical and mental disorders too contribute to such behaviors. Nonetheless researchers also prove the effect of environment on the criminal behavior. In contrary to it researchers also prove that not in all cases that the relevant environmental factors do influence the criminal behavior. The interaction of genetic-environment factors also contribute majorly to such criminal behavior. The relevancy of such biological and environmental testimony can play a major role while dealing with criminal cases.

Offender Trends

Environmental Influences on Offender Trends and Patterns (in psychological profiling or criminal profiling )

City officials have asked your department supervisor to provide information on environmental influences on offender trends and patterns. Your supervisor has asked you to create a video presentation on this topic to present to city officials at their weekly meeting. The video presentation should include f our examples of environmental influences and an assessment of how each one influences offender trends and patterns.


Step 1: Research the topic. Include at least three reliable sources to support the main message, including visuals/graphics. Include four or more visuals (e.g., photo, table, diagram, chart, etc.)

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