Environment Paper

Using the content of the course each week, critically evaluate and analyze each controversial environmental issue. You must examine the pros, cons, compromises, and tradeoffs of the issue by gathering credible information from various sources and assess the scientific credibility of the information. You will then develop from this information a well thought out paper that will address the major players involved, relevant cited facts, and a clearly identified opinion. While some readings have been provided to get you started, you should continue to research each topic using the online library, scientific journals, government documents, books, science magazines, and personal interviews. Peer reviewed sources should form the basis of your paper. Use a minimum of 4 sources each week. All submissions as well as the final paper should be double-spaced, and 12-point font with citations in APA format.  Anytime you use the writings or ideas of others as though they were your own, you are plagiarizing (even if you paraphrase). All information and ideas that are not a part of general knowledge must be cited. When in doubt, cite. Your final paper consists of your course project submissions from Modules 01-04. You should address and correct any issues brought up by your instructor and peers. You must use a minimum of 6 sources. The final paper should be double-spaced, 12 point, and at least 6 to 8 pages in length with citations in APA format.         Major issues were clearly stated, unbiased, and in question form. Facts, not opinions are listed. Relevant facts were complete and cited.  Major players involved in the issues were clearly presented. Supporting arguments presented accurately. Opposing arguments were represented fairly.   Informed opinion written in paragraph form. Narrative includes both supporting and opposing arguments. Informed opinion was persuasive. Sources are cited correctly using APA style in reference page. In text citations are appropriate. Sentence structure is varied and essay is virtually free of grammar and surface errors. Minimum of 6 sources. Double-spaced, 12 point, and at least 6 pages in length. 
My 4 papers are attached. Basically they need to be combined to make one 6-8 page paper. Feel free to just use my previous papers as references and improve upon them as much as possible!

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