Environment in which business operates

Environment in which business operates.

Business environment refers to any kind of internal or external forces which have an effect on the functioning of the business in a positive or negative way. The environment may affect the business to the extent that there may be a need to modify or revamp the entire business.

The environment poses threats challenges as well as gives opportunities and chance to grow to the business. All of this comes with an enriched learning experience for everyone associated with it. For the purpose of classification, there are different types of business environment.

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Learning objective: Describe the environment in which business operates


In a 7 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation, describe the characteristics of each of the four stages of growth a business organization might experience. Provide examples to support your description.

Environment in which business operates


Prepare a 7 to 10 slide PowerPoint presentation. Use the Speakers Notes for explanations and details (How to create a PowerPoint video 1 and 2)
Follow APA format for structure.
Use either audio or speaker notes (which is a feature used in PowerPoint – please use the search feature to look up how to use speaker notes in PowerPoint as a refresher) for additional information, so you do not “crowd” your slides with too much information.
Support your presentation with 2 to 3 credible references beyond the course materials. Please note Wikipedia, Investopedia and similar websites are not credible academic references. The best place to locate credible references is the Online Library.
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