Enlightenment and emancipation effect on anti-Semitism

Enlightenment and emancipation effect on anti-Semitism.

The Enlightenment began as a secularizing, rationalizing intellectual movement among thinkers, scientists and writers in the late seventeenth century, but it rapidly developed into an international reform movement.

At first, Enlightenment thinkers concentrated on reforming theology, religious practice, academic teaching, and the law, with a view to making all of these more tolerant and open-minded, less tied to tradition, and better adjusted to the most up-to-date science.

Within the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, the perspectives of Jewish eman-cipation and the Jewish question were synthesised to the extent that emancipation was justified in terms of solving the Jewish question. Within the French Revolu-tion, the inclusive face of universalism that was articulated in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen was synthesised with the terror directed at those labelled ‘enemies of humanity’.

Enlightenment and emancipation effect

In both the Enlightenment and the revolutionary tradition, however, there were alternative ways of thinking about Jewish emancipation that sought to break radically from the prejudicial assump-tions of the Jewish question. In the nineteenth century, the synthesis of Jewish emancipation and the Jewish question was to be torn apart. On the one hand, the Jewish question was set in opposition to Jewish emancipation; on the other hand, Jewish emancipation was justied independently of the Jewish question.

Analyze a primary text or an issue of dispute among historians. 

I am providing you with the standard texts. Please feel free to expand on the bibliography provided for each topic.

Sources needed to be used:

The Jew in the Modern World, Dohm 28-36, Michaelis 42-44, French National Assembly, 114-8; Berr 118-21, Napolean, 123-26, Jewish Notables, 128-33 (on moodle). 

Jacob Katz, From Prejudice to Destruction. pp. 13-47; 119-38, 147-74 (on moodle)

Arthur Hertzberg, The French Enlightenment and the Jews: The Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism (New York: Columbia University Press, 1990)pp. 138-87, 248-267 (on moodle).

Sources that could possibly help or choose to use outside sources:

Popular Antisemitism HU.pdf
Antisemitism in France HU.pdf

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