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This Week’s Activities and Tasks:
Discussions Due Monday, June 2: Pasted-Together draft of your Research Paper for peer review (Respond to 2 peers by Friday:Peer Review comments to 2 peers helping them to reorder paragraphs, refocus their drafts, and to develop a thesis statement.).
How to Peer Review:https://writingcenter.unc.edu/tips-and-tools/getting-feedback/ (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Use the Following Questions for your Peer Review of 2 papers by Friday: (let’s make sure everyone gets at least 1 peer review before you double-up.) You should also take advantage of Smarthinking Tutoring and our class tutor! 

Understanding the assignment: Do I understand the task? How long should it be? What kinds of sources should I be using? Do I have to answer all of the questions on the assignment sheet or are they just prompts to get me thinking? Are some parts of the assignment more important than other parts?
Factual content: Is my understanding of the course material accurate? Where else could I look for more information?
Interpretation/analysis: Do I have a point? Does my argument make sense? Is it logical and consistent? Is it supported by sufficient evidence?
Organization: Are my ideas in a useful order? Does the reader need to know anything else up front? Is there another way to consider ordering this information?
Flow: Do I have good transitions? Does the introduction prepare the reader for what comes later? Do my topic sentences accurately reflect the content of my paragraphs? Can the reader follow me?
Style: Comments on earlier papers can help you identify writing style issues that you might want to look out for. Is my writing style appealing? Do I use the passive voice too often? Are there too many “to be” verbs?
Grammar: Just as with style, comments on earlier papers will help you identify grammatical “trouble spots.” Am I using commas correctly? Do I have problems with subject-verb agreement?
Small errors: Is everything spelled right? Are there any typos?

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