English Essay

3-page paper (900 words)
You are to write a 3-page paper on business degree. The goal is to argue for or against pursuing a degree in your chose field (business) and presenting pertinent information and job availability and statistics. When and how was your chosen major/degree established (at Dalton State and or other colleges in general) How many people typically graduate each year with your degree? What type of process is required? What types of jobs are available to those who graduate with your degree? How does the job market look? What are the employment statistics: job availability, job locations, salary ranges, typical length of a career, retirement options, travel, benefits or insurance? 
Basically, find as much information as you can on your degree, major, and future employment opportunities. If you were talking to a high school senior, how would you present your career path and its outlook? 
Again, be very specific in discussing your purpose, audience, and context. Focus on which way you’re going with your degree or what most business majors do after graduation. 
Basically, find as much information as you can on your degree, major, and future employment opportunities. 

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