Watch the YouTube video – Evaluating Websites.  This short video describes how to evaluate and compare websites you have found while doing research for your Module One essay.

Watch VideoEvaluating WebsitesDuration: (2:38)
User: anteater2112 – Added: 6/2/08YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMb0_5pI-u4
Before you answer the questions below, read the following about bias and point of view:
Point of view or bias reminds us that information is rarely neutral. Because data is used in selective ways to form information, it generally represents a point of view.

Every writer wants to prove his point and will use the data and information that assists him in doing so.
When evaluating information found on the Internet, it is important to examine who is providing the “information” you are viewing, and what might be their point of view or bias.
If you are looking at products produced and sold by that corporation, remember: you are looking at an advertisement.
If you are reading about a political figure at the Web site of another political party, you are reading the opposition.
Does this document reside on the Web server of an organization that has a political or philosophical agenda?
If you are looking for scientific information on human genetics, would you trust a political organization to provide it?
Never assume that extremist points of view are always easy to detect. Some sites promoting these views may look educational.
Remember that anyone can purchase an .org Website.


List the URL (Website address) of a source you are using for your Module One essay.   After consideration, is this a good source to use in your college paper? Why or why not? Explain.
Respond to a classmate – look at the source your classmate has selected. Explain why you believe this is or is not a good source to be used in a college paper.

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