Keep in mind that moving from an expository essay on your topic to a research paper is a good opportunity to revise your thesis for a more academic audience. 
Post the following elements of your analysis of journals for your research paper process. Begin your discussion post with your thesis statement or research question.

Which journals did you choose and why do you think they represent key publications in your major or field of interest?
What topics were examined or analyzed in the journals?
How did writers use a literature review to establish that the topic is important to the field? Give examples.
How did the writers indicate the authority and credibility of sources within the field? Are they current? Related to the topic? Include data?
What sections are common in each article? How are articles organized?
How did you determine that the tone is formal? Give examples.

Respond to the analyses of two of your classmates. Ask questions for clarification and ensure your classmates have selected and identified relevant journals in their majors or fields. 

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