The topic you will use for the Rogerian essay is ‘Technology is making people less creative

1.  Please post your proposed one-sentence thesis statement for this topic.
Remember, this single sentence thesis statement has a clear stance and is never a question.  

2. List a peer-reviewed source ()  that you plan to use in this essay.
You must include either a short quotation and/or paraphrase with the  in-text citation and a works cited entry for this source in MLA form.  *Note: To receive credit for this question, the source must be  peer-reviewed and correctly cited (a hanging indent is not required to  receive credit).

Give a tentative outline for your essay. Make sure to include the  following sections in your essay: introduction and claim, background,  body, and conclusion. Within the body of your Rogerian essay, make sure  to include the following in any order: the background for your chosen  topic, the opposition, the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent’s  claim, scholarly research, your claim, discuss the warrants for your  claim and the opposition in order to find the common ground, and show  the common ground between your opponent’s claim and your claim.
I. Introduction and thesis
II. Background Info
  a. First example
  b. Second etc.
III. Show Understanding of Opposition
  a. Fairly present and show value of first reason of other side
  b. Fairly present and show value of second reason of other side
(**You might have multiple paragraphs for multiple sides.)
IV. Assert your Position
  a. First reason
  b. Second reason
(**might have multiple paragraphs for multiple sides)
V. Demonstrate Common Ground
  a. Show concessions in some (not all) situations based on context
  b. Show higher interest, goal, or benefit achieved**
(** This also might be in the conclusion.)
VI. Conclusion
  a. Summary
  b. Implications