PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is for you to 1) demonstrate your ability to accurately summarize a source text and for you to 2) develop an original argument directly in response to the argument presented in the text. As you fulfill the purpose of this assignment, you will address each of the learning outcomes as stated on our course syllabus. You will also begin to work on the skills that will be transferable to next semester in ENGL 1102 and also in other courses in your college career and in your professional life beyond your post-secondary education.
TASK: Specific to the purpose, you will practice critical reading skills, in-depth summary, presenting a clear and precise argument in the thesis statement, supporting the thesis statement with effective paragraphs, and incorporating sources with proper citation. As you consider how to approach this task, think about the text that accompanies this assignment: Alyson McGregor’s TED Talk, “Why Medicine Often Has Dangerous Side Effects for Women.” For this essay, you will respond to the main argument of this text, so think carefully about how this text speaks to you, ways in which you can have a successful conversation based on your reaction to the text, and ways in which your own personal experiences may lend to your overall understanding of the text’s content/context. Here are some specific items to consider as you begin to build your assignment and complete this task:
ü Summary and Introduction: In the introductory paragraph, you will present a summary of McGregor’s main argument and key points (you don’t need to give examples from the text; you’ll do this in the body of your paper). Ideally, your summary should be 5-7 sentences and should be written entirely in your own words, followed by an in-text citation (see OWL at Purdue if you need assistance with citations). Remember, the summary isn’t simply what the text is about but rather what McGregor is trying to actively persuade you, either implicitly or explicitly, to think or feel about a particular issue or subject. 
ü Thesis Statement: Your thesis statement will need to present a specific argument that critically and intellectually responds to McGregor’s main argument that you’ve summarized in the introduction. 
ü Supporting Your Argument/Body Paragraphs: Here, you will “prove” and support your thesis statement throughout each body paragraph. You should work to have, here, 3-5 body paragraphs, and each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and supporting examples from the text. In addition, you may also use your own experiences where relevant. Keep in mind, that 2/3 of your support should come from the text and up to 1/3 of your support may come from personal experiences. 
ü Conclusion: Here, you should re-emphasize and expand upon your argument. Reflect on questions such as: 1) Why is this topic important?; 2) Why should my reader care?; 3) What is at stake here?; 4) What final thoughts do I want to leave with my reader?
Criteria: Here is a list of the following criteria for this assignment:
Ø The essay should be 2-3 pages in length
Ø The essay should be typed according to MLA format 
Ø The essay should be submitted in the appropriate assignment folder in CourseDen by the due date listed on the assignment folder
Ø The grading rubric for this assignment will be posted on CourseDen and linked to this assignment

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