Reflective Essays
You will write three reflective papers based on reading of your choice. You must choose a reading that was assigned within the week in which the paper is due. For example, for week 1, you can reflect on chapter 1 of Teaching English as a Second . The purpose of the reflective papers is for you to have an opportunity to show your understanding and reflect upon the content of the assigned readings and share your ideas about their topics. 
The due dates for each reflective paper can be found in the tentative schedule in the syllabus.
Begin your reflective essay with a couple of paragraphs summarizing the main ideas of the reading (this should be approximately 1/3 or 1/4 of your paper) and then write a reflection about the reading. The first sentence of your summary should contain the following information: the title of the reading, the author(s), the year it was published, and the main idea of the reading. Here’s an example:
In the first chapter of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, Celce-Murcia (2014) provides a brief historical overview of language teaching approaches. 
The next times that you cite the source, you can write she, the author, Celce-Murcia, etc., and you do not have to repeat the year since you are only summarizing one reading.
Please note that another purpose of the reflective papers is for you to show your understanding and knowledge of the readings. That is why it is mandatory that you summarize the reading before you reflect on it. Your reflection can include the following (these are just suggestions):
· How your thinking has changed by the ideas in the reading;
· How your teaching will be influenced by the ideas in the reading;
· How you could apply the ideas in the reading to teaching;
· Criticisms that you may have related to the ideas presented in the reading;
· Personal and/or professional stories that are somehow connected to the ideas in the reading;
· Relation of the reading to other SLA areas that we have discussed about;
Your paper should be approximately two to three pages long. Follow APA formatting (see https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ for more information): double-spaced, font 12, 1-inch margins, etc. Be sure to write a reference list at the end of your paper that includes the reading upon which you are reflecting. You do not need to write a cover page or abstract for these assignments. Please proof read your paper before turning it in.

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