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Just as you are wrapping up your courses in preparation for graduation, your sibling asks you to proofread her paper for grammar and punctuation errors. All you can think is, “Ugh, just as I thought I was finished with schoolwork!” Thankfully, you remember some of the common mistakes many student writers make, so you should be able to proofread quickly. 1) Edit each of her statements below, 2) explain to her the error, and 3) note a method or methods for revising. 
1.)   Gorillas trying to find water in the jungle. 
2.)   Polar bears swim miles in search of food surprisingly they can survive quite some time without a meal. 
3.)   Jaguars climb trees when necessary, such as for hunting purposes, they even swim!
4.)   Snakes in the wild is usually very passive unless they feel threatened. 

5.)   Many animals walk the same African Plains, so it must be wary of its surroundings. 

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