Employee Management System

The project entitled as “BANK Employee Management System” which keeps the track of employee details such as present working employees, temporary working employees, employees transferred, employee attendance, employee salary etc . This It maintains the employee’s details such as new employees, working employees, leave attendance and salary maintenance of the employers. This project emphasis advance features than the existing system project. This project is mainly designed using VB as front end and SQL as backend
1.1 About the project

Employees are the backbone of any company; their management pays a major role in deciding the success of the organization. Employee Management Software makes easy for the employer to keep a track all the records. This Project contains Employee payroll and Salary features, which is developed Using VB (Visual Basic) 6.0 and Microsoft Access Driver. In this project administrator can add employee records, designation, task status, announcements, project details and client details. Employees can request for leave, work report, task details, etc. The system checks performance analysis of the employees. Administrator can post announcements, Holidays, birthdays and notes. This software system has 4modules. Administrator has full permission to access this software and employee has limited features. 1. Admin Module
2. HR Module
3. Payroll Management
4. Employee Module
1.2 System Specification
1.2.1 Hardware Configuration
Processor :Pentium IV
Speed :2.8 GHz
RAM capacity :1 GB
Floppy disk drive : 1.44 MB
Hard disk drive : 160 GB
Key Board : Samsung 108 keys Mouse : Logitech Optical Mouse DVD Writer : 52x LG
Printer :HP Laserjet 1018 Motherboard :Intel
Cabinet :ATX
Monitor : 17” Samsung
1.2.2 Software Configuration
Operating System:Windows XP
Front end used :MS Visual Basic 6.0
Back end used :MS Access
Visual Basic is a powerful programming system for developing sophisticated, graphical application for Microsoft Windows Environment. It makes use of Graphical User Interface for creating robust and powerful application.
Using VB6 we can create event applications. In VB6 application code is executing in response to events. Another important feature of VB6 is the powerful set of built-in controls that are provided for creating Windows-based application, for example command button, checkbox. These controls provide user interface without requiring complex programming.
We can also use dynamic link library routines in application. A DLL is a set of procedure that is external application, and can be called from with in the application when required. ActiveX component help in reusing the code application.
Features of Visual Basic
Visual Basic makes the designing part the application easy, and creates more interactivity with the user. Hence Visual Basic is much easier than other languages.
The programmer uses controls to get user input, display output and to trigger event procedures. Visual Basic is not only a programming language, but also a complete graphical development environment. This environment allows users with little programming experience to quickly develop useful Microsoft Windows applications which have the ability to use OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) objects, such as an Excel spreadsheet. Visual Basic also has the ability to develop programs that can be used as a front end application to a database system, serving as the user interface which collects user input and displays formatted output in a more appealing and useful form than many SQL versions are capable of developments.
About SQL server:
SQL Server is a very powerful client server computing model available in the computing environment. It comprises of all the features from basic data storage to high-level data representation techniques in the form of reports. It also comprises of VB module programming, which allows embedding Visual basic functions into SQL server Stored Procedures. SQL Server is a very powerful client server-computing model available in the computing environment. It comprises of all the features from basic data storage to high-level data representation techniques in the form of reports. It also comprises of ASP.NET module programming, which allows embedding ASP.NET into SQL server Stored Procedures.
SQL Manager 2005 for SQL Server key features:
* Full support of SQL Server 2005
* New state-of-the-art graphical user interface
* Rapid database management and navigation
*Easy management of all SQL Server objects
* Effective security management
2. System Study
2.1 Existing System
The existing system in the bank is manual. The information provided by the
existing system require a lot of manual interventions at the time of preparing the system. All the activities are very much difficult to prepare reports for monthly and yearly. Hence there is a need for updating of the system.
The main drawback of the existing system is manual and involves lots of inputs. Only manual checking is done
All the activities involved are in the paper
The employee details are maintained locally
Unavailability of quick references
Tedious report generation
Complicated work
2.2 Proposed System
The above said system is taken in to consideration for the new system. The difficulties of the existing system are carefully studied and the system was proposed. The proposed system will be developed using Visual Basic as Front End and Access as Back End.
2.2.1 Features
Provides a well defined user interface
Provides user authentication
Reduces the paper work
Saves the time
User friendly environment
Provides timely reports
Human intervention is reduced
Most possible to reduce the crowd
3. System Design and Development
3.1 File Design
3.1.1 Module Design
Module Description:
1. Admin Module
2. HR Module
3. Payroll Management
4. Employee Module
Admin Module:
Administrator controls the entire application. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view all employee details and admin can create Employee Payslip. Administrator also manages the data related to organizations and businesses. Administrator generates reports abased on various criteria.
HR Module:
HR controls the entire application. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view all employee details. Administrator also manages the data related to organizations and businesses.
Payroll Management:
Admin and HR can add and Delete Payslip details.
Employee Module:
Employees must have valid login information to access the application. Each employee can view the details of Vacancy, Payslip , schedules and Training Materials.
3.2 Input Design
3.2.1 System Flow Diagram
Process Diagram
3.2.2 Data Flow Diagram
AddEmp Operator EmpDetail Operator
Emp info Emp detail Modification
EmpSlip For login user, password Emp Payroll Slip Generation
Emp detail report Generation
EmpList Exit
3.3 Database Design
The most important aspect of building candidate system is “database design”. Instead of each program managing its own data, the authorized persons share data across applications with database software managing the data as an entity.
It is a logical development, in the methods used by the computers to access and manipulates data stored in the various parts of computer system.
It is information from several files is coordinated accessed and operated upon as though it is a single file. A database is collections of inter related data stored with a minimum redundancy to serve many users quickly and efficiently. The objective is to make information access easy and quick, inexpensive and flexible to the User.
3.3.1 Table Design
4. Conclusion
In this report, an information system’s development has been presented. It was emphasized on the basic steps, consequently taken during the project’s development course as a particular attention was turned to the basic operative functions performed upon the data into the database.
The report’s content comprises the whole task solution, starting from the programming environments have been selected, going through the database, the application’s analyze and construction, and finishing with the code-implementation and test-samples, shown separately in Appendix chapters.
.As a future work, some additional stuff could be implemented and integrated into the application code making it much more reliable and flexible; especially what concerns a pay-roll module, for instance.

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