Emotional Intelligence

3-4 pages, abstract, conclusion and references.
Effective leaders can use their emotions in a positive way to benefit  their organization, their employees, and stakeholders. Dye and Garman  (2006) state, “The most effective leaders have a deeper understanding of  their emotion” (p. 18), in their discussion of emotional intelligence  (EI) and why it is important.
Over the last several years, organizations that are actively engaged  in leadership development have expressed keen interest in understanding  EI. Research suggests that EI may be more important than intellectual  intelligence in determining leadership success, and leadership  development programs may offer better outcomes if EI is better  understood (Sadri, 2012).

Write a paper that defines and describes emotional intelligence.  
Additionally, detail the value of EI possession among health care leaders.  
Provide at least 1 example, real or hypothetical, of how emotional intelligence has been or can be used by effective leaders. 

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