Emerging/reemerging infectious disease

Emerging/reemerging infectious disease

Emerging/reemerging infectious disease

“Surge in infectious diseases either emerging or re-emerging can be seen almost every year. The emergence can occur in different forms such as an adaptation of the organism to provide resistance against an antibiotic or mutation in an existing non-pathogenic strain making it virulent strain or spread of a zoonotic agent to the humans.”



Examples of emerging diseases

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS – 2002-2003), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)- 2015-2018), Avian influenza, H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) Pandemic – 2009-2010, Novel Avian influenza A (H7N9) Virus 2013-2017, West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, Escherichia Coli, Tuberculosis, Ebola virus disease, Zika virus disease).


“Epidemics and pandemics of infectious diseases are associated with human history. The best known examples for pandemics are the plague in the mid-1300s, influenza of the early 1900s with more than 20 million deaths, and currently the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) with more than 24 million deaths. As of 1999 worldwide, infectious diseases as a cause of death ranked second, with >25% of deaths in man, and first with 63% in death among children under the age of four. Almost 90% of all deaths were caused by a handful
of diseases such as AIDS (number one with age 5 and older), diarrhoeal diseases, tuberculosis, malaria, measles as well as acute respiratory infections [91]. Infectious diseases also caused 48% of premature deaths and were one of the biggest causes of disabilities worldwide. Tropical diseases are estimated to afflict half a billion people, or 1 out of 10 of the world’s population, and to claim 20 million lives annually.”



Are reemerging diseases a health problem?


Mention signs and symptoms of the disease. How do you diagnose this infectious disease?

Outline the factors that may have contributed to the emergence or re-emergence of this infectious diseases

How would you prevent a similar occurrence? Mention the goals of Healthy People 2020 to reduce this infection / Prevention and control of the disease / Infection Control Guidelines.

Is there a CDC priority for public health response to this specific infectious disease?

What is your thought about emerging antibiotic-resistant microorganisms?

What is your role as a community health nurse?

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