EMA workbench

Chapter 5 discusses decision making using system modeling. The author briefly mentions an open source software tool, EMA Workbench, that can perform EMA and ESDMA modeling. Find EMA Workbench online and go to their main website (not the GitHub download site). Then do the following:

Under documentation, go to the Tutorials page.
Read through the Simple Model (in your chosen environment), and the Mexican Flu example. 
Decide how you could use this software to create a model to help in developing a policy for a Smart City.

To complete this task, you must do the following:
As indicated above, explain how you could use the EMA Workbench software to develop a model to help create a policy for a Smart City. Explain what policy you are trying to create (i.e. traffic light placement, surveillance camera coverage, etc.), and what key features you would use in your model. Then, explain how EMA Workbench would help you. NOTE: keep your models and features simple. You don’t really need more than 3 or 4 features to make your point here.

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